Scottish Racecourse

This case study highlights a recent project undertaken at one of Scotland’s prominent racecourses. The objective was to revamp the Owner’s and Trainers’ lounge, creating a welcoming and functional space where competitors could socialise while enjoying food and drinks. Claremont Office Furniture provided comprehensive services, including contractual work, such as painting and carpet installation, along with the provision of high-quality loose furniture. The successful completion of the project aimed to enhance the overall experience for the Owners and Trainers attending the racecourse.

The completion of the project resulted in a transformed Owner’s and Trainers’ lounge that surpassed expectations. The new space successfully met the client’s objectives and provided owners and trainers with an inviting environment to network, relax, and enjoy food and drinks during racecourse events.

The lounge received positive feedback from both Owners and Trainers, who appreciated the attention to detail and the overall ambiance of the space. The revamped lounge contributed to enhancing the racecourse experience, further establishing its reputation as a premier venue for horse racing enthusiasts.