Transforming MSIP’s Innovation Hub

Claremont Office Furniture recently collaborated with Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP) to revamp Dundee’s newest collaborative workspace, the Innovation Hub. The aim was to create an inclusive, modern, and versatile environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and creativity among the local business community.

Project Scope
The Innovation Hub at MSIP was designed to be a dynamic space accommodating various functions, including open-plan event areas, showcase spaces, meeting rooms, co-working spaces, informal breakout areas, and specialised design thinking rooms.

The project at MSIP required thoughtful solutions:

Versatile Design: The space needed to cater to a diverse range of activities and accommodate different working styles within a cohesive design framework.

Innovative Functionality: The design had to incorporate elements that promote innovation and creativity, particularly within the dedicated thinking rooms.

Aesthetic Harmony: Maintaining a consistent aesthetic with MSIP brand colours and elements was paramount when selecting furniture from various manufacturers and suppliers.

Claremont Office Furniture approached the project at MSIP with a comprehensive solution that fulfilled the vision of creating a collaborative and innovative workspace:

Tailored Furniture Selection: The furniture selections were meticulously curated to meet the diverse needs of the Innovation Hub. Notable selections included Claremont’s own Claremont Bench, tailored to complement the space’s aesthetics seamlessly.

Functional Design Elements: The inclusion of Hush Phone booths provided private spaces for focused work or calls. Orangebox’s Do Chair and Coze Booths offered comfort and privacy for collaborative discussions. Pledge’s Fence Elements Work Booths and Ripple Chairs contributed to versatile work areas. Verco’s Sting Chairs and Vepa’s Felt Fine range, made from recycled materials, added sustainability and functionality to the workspace.

Integration and Cohesion: Despite the varied selection of furniture from different manufacturers, the design ensured an aesthetic on brand with MSIP’s branding and functional harmony throughout the Innovation Hub.

The collaboration between Claremont Office Furniture and MSIP has yielded remarkable results.

The Innovation Hub has become an inviting and adaptable workspace, accommodating various work modes and fostering collaboration among occupants. The incorporation of specialised thinking rooms, coupled with furniture promoting creativity and brainstorming, facilitates a conducive environment for innovative thinking. Despite the diversity of furniture selections, the space maintains a cohesive and visually appealing design, ensuring functionality without compromising aesthetics.

The transformation of the Innovation Hub at MSIP exemplifies Claremont Office Furniture’s commitment to crafting modern, functional, and aesthetically pleasing workspaces. By strategically selecting furniture pieces tailored to meet diverse needs, the project resulted in a space that encourages collaboration, innovation, and productivity.

If you have a vision for your workspace, Claremont Office Furniture is dedicated to bringing that vision to life, fostering an environment that reflects your values and facilitates growth.