Assisted Living Facility

In the year our team collaborated with an assisted living facility located in Lanarkshire to revamp and modernise their communal settings and canteen facilities. The objective was to create a more functional, comfortable, and visually appealing environment that catered to the unique needs of the facility’s residents.

As part of the solution, we were able to deliver a range of furniture items designed to address the specific requirements of an assisted living facility:

  1. Anti-Microbial Fabrics: Recognising the importance of hygiene in such environments, we supplied chairs upholstered in Anti-Microbial fabrics. This choice not only prioritised the health and safety of the residents but also contributed to the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the communal areas.
  2. Wheelchair Accessible Tables: To ensure inclusivity and accessibility, we provided tables with thoughtfully designed wheelchair access cutouts. This modification allowed all residents, regardless of mobility limitations, to comfortably access the communal space and engage in social activities.

Collaborative Approach: Our installation team worked closely with the facility’s staff on-site. This collaborative approach facilitated a seamless transformation of the space. The expertise of the installation team, combined with the insights and familiarity of the facility’s staff, resulted in a successful implementation that met the facility’s vision.

The outcome of this project was a transformation of the assisted living facility’s communal setting areas and canteen facilities. The integration of the new furniture not only modernised the space but also contributed to a fresher, more inviting atmosphere. Residents now enjoy a setting that not only caters to their specific needs but also reflects a contemporary aesthetic.