An AGS Base Fit Out

A few months ago, Claremont Office Furniture had the privilege to collaborate with AGS, a leading provider of airport ground services in Scotland. AGS sought to revamp their workspaces and create a more functional and aesthetically pleasing environment for their staff. Claremont Office Furniture, renowned for its innovative office solutions, took on the challenge and transformed AGS’s base into a modern, efficient, and inviting workspace.

AGS faced various challenges with their existing workspaces. The old furniture lacked ergonomic features, which impacted employee productivity and comfort. The company wanted to address noise and privacy concerns within open-plan areas, fostering a more conducive and collaborative atmosphere. AGS also desired to incorporate their brand identity and create a unique space that employees would enjoy using.SolutionAt Claremont Office Furniture, we formulated a comprehensive plan to cater to AGS’s specific needs. With the support of our esteemed suppliers, we crafted bespoke solutions for AGS staff, enhancing their overall work experience. Some of our favourite products from this project are listed below:

  • Boss Design – Telephone Pods
  • Friends of Wilson – Hanging Screens
  • Pledge – Box Sofas
  • New Design Group – August Booths & Florence Stools
  • Claremont Office Furniture – Skelf Tables

The successful collaboration between Claremont Office Furniture and AGS resulted in a remarkable transformation. The redesigned workspace now offers employees an environment that fosters productivity, collaboration, and well-being. AGS staff expressed their delight with the improved ergonomics and functionality of the furniture solutions.or office furniture solutions that inspire and transform, get in touch with our talented team at Claremont Office Furniture. Let’s collaborate to create your ideal workspace.