Scottish Distillery

A renowned distillery based in Scotland sought to elevate its working environment to align with its esteemed reputation and enhance employee productivity. The distillery recognised the importance of providing comfortable and functional meeting and office spaces for its valued employees.

Our experienced team collaborated closely with the distillery’s management to devise a comprehensive solution that met the project’s objectives and overcame the challenges. The following steps were taken:

  1. Custom Design: We developed a tailored design plan that integrated contemporary furniture pieces with elements that paid homage to the distillery’s heritage. This balanced approach ensured a harmonious blend of old and new.
  2. Furniture Selection: The standout furniture pieces that were selected for this project included the Orangebox Lano Conference Table paired with Calder Chairs for the formal meeting room. The OCEE & Four Design Dishy collection added a touch of modern comfort to casual gathering spots. Verco Campus Tables were strategically placed for collaborative work, while the Quadrifoglio Group X7 Executive Desk added elegance to private offices. Lastly, Claremont Desking and Task Chairs were chosen for ergonomic and functional workstations.
  3. Seamless Integration: To maintain aesthetic cohesion, the furniture selections were made in consultation with the distillery’s existing décor, color palette, and overall design theme.

By seamlessly blending heritage and modernity, functionality and aesthetics, the project achieved its intended goals of fostering collaboration, productivity, and employee satisfaction. If you have a vision for your workspace, we invite you to connect with our team today, and together, we can create a space that truly reflects your brand and values.