University of St Andrews: Walter Bower House

Project Outline

This case study showcases a successful project completed by our furniture supply company at the prestigious University of St Andrews in Scotland. The university aimed to enhance its Smart Working Spaces for students and staff, while also improving the canteen facilities within Walter Bower House. Our team was entrusted with delivering innovative furniture solutions to create a conducive environment for learning, collaboration, and relaxation.


Our team of experienced furniture suppliers carefully assessed the requirements of the University of St Andrews and proposed a comprehensive solution. We offered a range of furniture options, including collaboration tables, group pods, quiet rooms, formal meeting rooms, and touchdown areas. This diverse selection of spaces catered to different work styles and allowed for seamless transitions between tasks.

To meet the university’s goal of incorporating technology and ergonomics, we recommended our Claremont Height Adjustable Desks. These desks not only provided flexibility but also featured dedicated plugs and charging ports, making them a popular choice among both staff and students. Additionally, we supplied Orangebox Being Us task chairs and Pars Tables, which offered comfort, functionality, and a sleek design. The inclusion of Casala Furniture’s Curvy meeting and breakout chairs added a touch of elegance and versatility to the spaces. To facilitate private discussions and focused work, we incorporated sixteen3 Circe booths, providing privacy without compromising the open environment.

As part of the project, we also ensured ample storage options by partnering with Bisley Furniture, offering storage products that were both practical and visually appealing. Finally, to enable flexible configurations in the meeting rooms, we provided Boss Design Deploy flip-top tables, which could be easily folded and rearranged as per the requirements.

The Results

The implementation of our furniture solutions transformed the University of St Andrews’ Smart Working Spaces and canteen facilities, achieving the desired objectives. With over 400 desks in Walter Bower House, 20% of them being height adjustable, the university witnessed increased demand for these ergonomic options. Students and staff appreciated the versatility and comfort provided by the furniture, leading to improved productivity and overall satisfaction.